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In which case the car can not open air conditioning
Author:ABS injection profile Comefrom:ABS injection profile Date:2016/11/23 17:11:09 Hits:149 Commentnum:0

 I plant with the plastic research institute adopts advanced production technology of ABS/PVC air section, with beautiful appearance, easy to condensation, heat deformation and other advantages, and officially became Japan's Toshiba central air-conditioning and air outlet section domestic only designated supplier in 2010. I plant with an annual output of 2000 tons more than the size of all kinds of plastic profile production. Below, the outlet section of the manufacturer to tell you what the circumstances under which the car can not open air conditioning

Parking air conditioning rest - wrong, some people in order to alleviate fatigue, or parking, etc., will be parked on the road side of the road, closed doors and windows, open air conditioning, "enjoy" cool bring comfort. What is more, some people simply open air lying on the car seat on the bed. But do you know? This is very dangerous. Automotive expert Li Jinmin said that the car's engine at work, if the cylinder of the incomplete combustion of gasoline, it will produce a high concentration of carbon monoxide.

When the automobile is running, the air passes through the air conditioning equipment to generate convection, so the concentration of carbon monoxide in the car is very low. But when the car stops and the air conditioner to open car doors and windows closed, and when the air inside the car can not convection, engine exhaust carbon monoxide if leakage into the car, will gradually accumulate and make its concentration increased, resulting in poisoning and even death.

Some owners said, when I open air conditioning, at the same time open the window ventilation can be safe and sound, right? The answer is no, if you leave the car in the garage, open air nap, even if the open window is potentially dangerous, because the garage is actually a relatively sealed place, there may occur due to higher carbon monoxide concentrations of carbon monoxide poisoning.

Tip: the best car owners often check the engine cover and the chassis is a leak, when the car is found in the exhaust gas leak, it is not open air conditioning, not to open air conditioning in the car to sleep, so as to avoid danger.

Open air conditioning in the car smoking - wrong some people stop and rest or in the car, etc., open air conditioning, point on a cigarette, seems to be cool. But doing so is harmful to your health, the reason is very simple, because the doors and windows are closed, so the smoke all of a sudden do not go out, it is natural to stimulate your eyes and breathing system. But if you make "smoking" at this time, not smoking, you will be very sad, well, give you a little advice, the air conditioning and ventilation control adjustment to the discharge position, then the smoke inside the car can be smoothly discharged out of the car.

Tip: Parking open air conditioning is harmful, you re smoking, is really wrong, or quit it. If you can not help but do not want to smoke, remember that air conditioning should be adjusted to the "discharge" position.

Feel free to choose air conditioning temperature - some people in order to cool, the temperature is very low, seems to feel very cool. But to do so, the body's endocrine system is not easy to adjust over, prone to disease, such as arthritis, scapulohumeral periarthritis, cold. When the indoor temperature regulation is too low, such as 20 degrees Celsius, it will cause a variety of symptoms, such as lower extremity pain, malaise chills, headache, sore throat, abdominal pain, backache, limb pain, even occurrence of symptoms such as mouth and eyes askew. If there are old people or children, then the temperature should be set at 27.

Note: under normal circumstances, the temperature inside and outside temperature is 5 DEG C to 6 DEG C is appropriate, so it is best to adjust the temperature when the owner of the outdoor temperature control.

Air conditioning is always open in the low block - the wrong car air conditioning, the average person will not be open to the maximum block, that is done with the oil, but also the noise of the fan is too big, annoying. Of course, this idea is not wrong, but if you always do not open to the maximum block, will be sick. Don't worry, the thing is, in the use of air conditioning, inhale a lot of dust, dirt form, for a long time, mildew, and then circulated through the air-conditioning to the car in the car easily inhaled, it is not sick? So, should always put the air conditioning to maximum block, by the strong wind, the air conditioning inside fouling to blow out.

Tip: every period of time, the air conditioning will be open to the maximum block, blowing up half an hour can effectively eliminate the accumulation of dust.
In the car on the open air outside. The weather is hot, hot in the car, sitting in the car, a heat wave hit, hot, even if your first reaction is to open air conditioning, to disperse heat cool -- you are wrong. This not only the cooling effect is not good, but also increase the engine in the initial operation of the pressure. So the heat is hot, you still have to bear with me on the bus, first of all open windows, air conditioning started outside the circulatory system, the heat is discharged, etc. after the inside temperature drop, then close the window, this time to the open air, and adjust to suitable temperature.

Tip: the car is very hot, the first action should be to open the car window, start the outer loop of the air conditioning, exhaust heat.

The open loop opened in the end - car owners know that air conditioning has a "Circular" button, press this button, the air inside only for internal circulation, when all the doors and windows closed will all spatiotemporal modulation efficiency of cold absorption, can save energy. This seems understandable, but there is a drawback, a long time, the inside of the air will become more and more turbid, and even have the feeling of hypoxia. What shall I do? Internal loop system

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