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ABS profile in the future have a wide range of market
Author:ABS outlet profiles Comefrom:ABS outlet profiles Date:2016/11/23 17:12:27 Hits:112 Commentnum:0

 ABS profile in the future have a wide range of market

With the wide use of ABS profile, people have seen the advantages of ABS profile and also began to pay attention to the shortcomings of its exposure. And the utility model has the advantages of no deformation in high temperature conditions, no condensation, which is mainly due to the thermal deformation temperature of ABS can reach 95 degrees. Not only that we have added an antioxidant and light stabilizer in the process of its production, thereby effectively reducing the yellowing of its appearance due to the absorption of UV light.

ABS outlet section manufacturers think in the design should take into account the mold wall thickness, we should be to ensure that the strength of the early to reduce as much as possible, in order to speed up the production cycle. The electrical insulation of ABS is better, and it is almost not affected by temperature, humidity and frequency, and can be used in most environments. Because the temperature of the thermal deformation of ABS is mainly about 95 degrees, so the ABS profile products after annealing treatment, we can also improve about 10. ABS air outlet in the -40 can still show some toughness, can be used in the temperature range of -40~100. Through the above we have a brief introduction of the ABS outlet profile, we have a simple understanding of the ABS profile.

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    Address: No.21 Zhaodang Village, Tongqi, Qingyang Town, Jiangyin