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The arrangement must follow a certain standard
Author:ABS outlet Comefrom:ABS outlet Date:2016/11/23 17:09:53 Hits:133 Commentnum:0

 Experts said that our central air conditioning in the installation should pay attention to the layout of the air outlet, which has a direct impact on the effect of the central air conditioning outlet. Our staff will need to follow a certain installation standard to perform, and the specific operating standards are as follows.

1, air conditioning terminal equipment selection. The air conditioning room with outer slot outlet, by building shape constraints, uneven air distribution increases, air diffuser effect is good. The general is simplified to the ceiling directly air, air conditioning load increases, so the conditions should be considered when the air conditioning fan coil or VAV box increase.

2, the layout of air conditioning outlet to consider the difference between the inside and outside of the air conditioning. In the area of the room air conditioning load is small and has little change, the effect of air conditioning is easy to reach, in order to meet the building decoration design, air conditioning in the area of air can be slightly worse than the air conditioning room area.

3, the check of the outlet wind speed. The outlet wind speed of the slit type air outlet shall be checked, and the length of the air supply plenum will be too short to give a clear blow feeling to the people who work under the slit type air outlet.

4, the problem of the installation of slit type air port. The total width of the narrow slit type tuyere is only 150 mm or 200mm, hem is very small, the ceiling opening size must be precise. Design of the air outlet should avoid long long, long section of the air outlet is a section of the link up.

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    Address: No.21 Zhaodang Village, Tongqi, Qingyang Town, Jiangyin