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Plastic Co extrusion technology
Author:ABS outlet Comefrom:ABS outlet Date:2016/11/23 17:08:28 Hits:141 Commentnum:0

 With a variety of methods can be used to produce multicomponent composite products, the use of CO extrusion process is the most simple and easy way. It has become one of the most advanced plastic forming processing methods. Polymer co extrusion is a process of using the number of extruders provided different melt flow in a composite die extrusion process were obtained in exchange of multilayer composite products. It can make the layers with different characteristics in the extrusion process of composite materials with each other together, so that the product has excellent properties of different materials, are complementary in character, so as to obtain the special requirements of performance and appearance, such as anti oxygen and moisture barrier ability, coloring, heat preservation, heat molding and thermal bonding ability and strength, stiffness, hardness and other mechanical properties. These multilayer composites with comprehensive properties have a wide range of applications in many fields. In addition, it can greatly reduce the product cost, simplify the process, reduce equipment investment, composite process without solvent and no waste material. Therefore, CO extrusion technology is widely used in the production of composite films, plates, pipes, profiles and wire and cable.

The following discussion in recent years has been widely used as composite pipe, composite film, flat film and cast film, PVC foam core composite pipe, plate, profile coextrusion technology.

Composite pipe co extrusion
Plastic composite pipe has the advantages of plastic and metal as a whole, has the advantages of corrosion resistance, non-toxic, smooth, light texture, high strength, good heat resistance, low brittle temperature, convenient installation, beautiful appearance, long service life, can be used to transport the ground and the cold and hot water and drinking water pipes, heating pipelines, gas the pipeline, oil chemical industry in the corrosive liquid and corrosive gases, compressed air transportation and food industry, beverage wine and milk and other liquid delivery, in the near future may gradually replace the galvanized pipe, copper pipe, plastic pipe. In industrialized countries, aluminum-plastic composite pipe in pipe in the share of about 15%. The technology proposed in 1974 by the British engineer Itzhak Barnoach patent application, and Holland Kitech company, Germany Unicor company and company of gram Lao Bo has made the improvement to the pipe structure, processing equipment and manufacturing technology, make its performance improvement, began commercial application in Europe and Australia in early 1990s. Our country started in mid 1990s the introduction of aluminum-plastic composite pipe production line technology, began production and application of aluminum plastic composite pipe.

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