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ABS hot stamping profile production line
Author:ABS hot stamping profile Comefrom:ABS hot stamping profile Date:2016/11/23 17:07:24 Hits:161 Commentnum:0

Soon, the Shanghai jwell Extrusion Machinery Co. Ltd. after two months of research and development of the JWS65/28-YF108ABS profile and stamping production line for online client in Anhui, in the assembly workshop of this company after several debugging success came.

It is understood that the product of ABS profiles is mainly used in hot stamping after adding color TV, refrigerator, washing machine and other plastic parts, is Europe and the United States respected environmental protection products, market prospects.

The product requirements, the stability and extrusion molding extrusion machine for a long time, the technology has been monopolized by the German manufacturers, technology developers Shanghai jwell company through twists and hardships, and finally in the customer within the specified time the technology will be developed. The successful development of this production line marks the Shanghai Jin Wei Extrusion Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. ABS hot stamping profile production line technology has reached the world advanced level.

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    Address: No.21 Zhaodang Village, Tongqi, Qingyang Town, Jiangyin