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ABS air conditioning air outlet knowledge of the Raiders?
Author:ABS air conditioning Comefrom:ABS air conditioning Date:2016/11/23 17:02:37 Hits:123 Commentnum:0

Air conditioner outlet material
The general market outlet for ABS steel and Aluminum Alloy outlet, sometimes to the effect of wood decoration, air custom.

The air outlet is divided into two kinds of single layer and double layer. The wind direction of the double layer air outlet can not only be adjusted up and down, but also can adjust the wind angle, and the effect of the air supply is more uniform and more comfortable.

Type of air outlet of air conditioner
There is a main outlet type outlet and outlet gas powder two, general home users for a type tuyere; diffuser outlet for shopping malls and offices.

Air conditioning outlet size standard
The outlet size depends on the size of the indoor machine, if the air outlet duct is too large, too long, the airflow speed will drop, thus affecting the use of air conditioning effect; if the outlet is too small, then the flow velocity becomes large, resulting in the wind blowing straight body caused discomfort, may also lead to the noise is too large.

Air conditioner air outlet installation:
The installation of central air conditioning is a very important part of the air outlet to advance the general installation, that must be installed before the last time to brush paint, so even if the problem is not the ruined wall, there is a certain gap between the shutter must be installed and the wall outlet, and then brush paint, can be the inside of the gap filled, so as to achieve integration, to achieve the central air-conditioning looks beautiful, generous.

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    Address: No.21 Zhaodang Village, Tongqi, Qingyang Town, Jiangyin