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ABS air outlet section PKPVC profile
Author:ABS air Comefrom:ABS air Date:2016/11/23 17:00:41 Hits:157 Commentnum:0

1, the wind profiles of PVC and ABS with two of the same length in boiling water soak, 15 seconds with chopsticks this two wind profile, then PVC would like noodles, suddenly soft down, but ABS certainly not deformation.

2, PVC of the outlet section of the fire is the white smoke, ABS is black smoke.

3, the same length of the ABS outlet section with the PVC profile on the electronic scale weighing above the weight, their weight ratio is very clear: PVC is very heavy, ABS is relatively light, weight ratio is about 1:1.5.

Of course, the profile material is not the same, the price of the product is not the same, who is superior, we each one takes what he needs.

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    Address: No.21 Zhaodang Village, Tongqi, Qingyang Town, Jiangyin