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How to distinguish between ABS and PVC air outlet?
Author:ABS and PVC air Comefrom:ABS and PVC air Date:2016/11/23 17:06:05 Hits:115 Commentnum:0

 PVC air outlet installed after the time is not long will be yellow, discoloration is very serious. But when winter hot air blowing, the air outlet temperature is higher, the nature of PVC is not high, so the air is very easy, weak deformation PVC. And more serious is the PVC material to do out of the air outlet, in the winter when the air conditioning system is hot due to high temperature thermal decomposition, will produce harmful to human body gas hydrogen chloride and olefin gas! Same size area of the outlet, the weight is 1.5~1.6, aluminum alloy ABS times. You think: an air outlet to do up, and change color, deformation, and there are harmful substances, do you think customers will be recognized?

The opening of the ABS high temperature in winter when blowing hot air, not deformed because of high temperature air outlet (ABS outlet is resistant to 100 degrees, and ABS) Aluminum Alloy did not like the air outlet, Aluminum Alloy summer air condensation phenomenon is very serious, but ABS will never air condensation, it will not be like that of PVC air will release harmful gases, ABS is the material of environmental protection. But it is not to say that the ABS is not a drawback of the wind, it is the only one drawback is: ABS outlet will be yellow, but the process is very slow. PVC outlet installed, about 1 years later will be yellow, but the ABS outlet to 5~6 will have a little bit of yellow (ABS wind profile production process added antioxidants and light stabilizers, weakened the yellow appearance problem caused by ultraviolet absorption).

See here, we would like to ask: ABS outlet section with the PVC profile of the physical difference in where? How to distinguish authentic ABS outlet with PVC? Again this I give you a simple say:

1, the leaf PVC and ABS two tuyere as long soak in boiling water, after 15 seconds with chopsticks poke the two outlet blade, then PVC will like noodles, a soft down, but ABS certainly not deformation.

2, PVC of the outlet with the fire is the white smoke, ABS is black smoke.

3, the same length of the ABS outlet section with the PVC profile on the electronic scale weighing above the weight, their weight ratio is very clear: PVC is very heavy, ABS is relatively light, weight ratio is about 1:1.5.

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